Percussion Plus 5-piece set complete with bass, snare, high, mid, and floor toms, hi-hat, 2 crash cymbals, a ride, and a splash. Carrying case for cymbals and drumsticks also included
I have an original 4-string Seagull Merlin Dulcimer that I have engraved a custom design into. Its a very fun instrument and its especially ideal for outdoor recreation such as cing. I replaced all the strings on 842018. The condition of the instrument is very well. There is nothing wrong with it and it plays wonderfully


Work excellent and good condition
5 Octave Rosewood Marimba by Re-Percussion.I have two marimbas available for custom building and purchase this coming summer. The marimbas pictured are ones that I built and sold last year. The marimbas include-Rosewood bars-Height adjustable frame-Adjustable bass resonator stops-Dust cover-Fully collapsible frame and resonatorsEmail me for a sound cloud link to hear a recording of the marimba....
The Zildjian 20 Basic cymbal carrying bag features a shoulder strap - carry handles and an embroidered logo. Works just fine. and can carry multiple cymbals at once in the bag.Call or Text- Calvin 801-960-852three
Selling because I have no room from my drum set. Ask me about other drumkit items for sale.Crash Cymbal Natural, bright, not too high, not too low. Speaks very quickly. Beautiful warm undertones.Call or text - Calvin 801-960-852three
Selling because I have no room from my drum set. Ask me about other drumkit items for sale.You can attach to any standard stand and add this extension for more cymbal placement. At one point it cracked so I welded shut.Call or text - Calvin 801-960-852three
Selling because I have no room from my drum set. Ask me about other drumkit items for sale.Used Zildjian Zil-Bel 6.5-inch Sound Effects CymbalA specialty cymbal that produces a bright, singing tone, ideal for special accents and effects.Call or text - Calvin 801-960-852three
Tama 5-piece drum set22 Bass10 12 mounted Toms14 Snare16 floor tom2 Double Bass pedals one Tam brand, one Pacific Drums BrandGibraltar double bass practice padBookGround percussion Throne wback Roc-N- Soc StyleVic firth noise isolation headphoneMeinl cymbals include 10 Splash, 14 Hats, 20 Ride, and 16 crash crackedStagg 14 chinaStick Bag and lots of sticksAll Heavy Double-Braced Hardware 4 Cymb...
If you wanna get good at guitar playing, one of the WORST things you can do is buy the wrong guitar. If it sounds like crap, hurts to play, and doesnt excite you, good luck getting good a the guitar. If you love the way it sounds, it plays like butter, and you are stoked and excited every time you pick it up, youre going to LOVE the journey to getting great at playing guitar. I would know - I t...
FXT120 AMP. Not used for gigs, kept in house full-time, in great working condition. Need to sell soon, will entertain a reasonable offer. Pick-up only, will not ship or deliver.Features120W RMS2 - 12 speakersFlexWave Evolution 5 pre16 DSP effects include reverb, delay, flange, chorus, multi-effects, touch wah, rotary speaker, and doubler3-channel operationExternal speaker jackChromatic tunerInc...
hand painted soprano ukulele. comes with fabric case and it has new strings.
I teach bass guitar lessons in a wide variety of styles, from jazz, rock, metal, blues, Latin, etc.... for those of you who would like to expand your vocabulary on an intermediate level, or for those of you who have never played the bass and know nothing about music, I am here for you. Along with bass technique I also teach theory and focus on music appreciation in my lessons. Please contact me...
This Clavinova is in near mint condition. It has been meticulously cared for over the years. The keys of the Clavinova are weighted to have the same touch as a grand piano. It has a plug-in for ear phones and recording capabilities. The Clavinova also comes with the original owners manual. The bench comes with purchase. The owner of this Clavinova earned her degree in piano and has found a lot ...
Antique piano made by Lindeman Sons, New York, approximately in the 1920s. To be picked up.
Great Starter Guitar Amp-33 Amp Models-11 Pedal Effect Types-11 ModulationDelay Types-3 Reverb Types...All built into the same I am including the VSF5 Footswitch to switch between your own preset channels and an cord.Heres a link to additional specs on Voxs Websitehttpwww.voxs.comvt20
Semi-hollow black Fender Telecaster 72 reissue w white pick guard. The guitar is in great condition Just had it cleaned and put new Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings on it. Some scratching on the pick guard what its there for right and minor scratching on the back of the body.-21 Vintage-style frets-2 Fender Wide Range humbucker pickups-3 position pickup switch-2 tone and volume knobs 1 tone and ...
Mahogany Lyon and Healy Chicago Petite 40 Pedal Harp and EquipmentThis pedal harp is in great condition - no cracks in the soundboard or damage to the mechanism. I am asking $11,000. That price includes the harp, a 3-piece transport cover, dust cover, tuning key, bench, music stand, all of my music, and a collapsible aluminum frame dolly. I have a busy schedule, so Im not available for phone ca...
This Ludwig Drum Set bundle includes the following- 22 x 16 Bass drum with brand new extra drum head- 12 x 10 and 13 x 11 Toms- 16 x 16 floor tom- 14 x 6-12 snare drum- 14 metal Pacific snare drum- Snare stand x2- Drum throne- Kick pedal- 16 Crash cymbal- 18 Crash ride- 13 hi-hat cymbals- Hi-hat cymbal stand- Crash cymbal stand- Crash ride cymbal stand- Drum sticks- Drum key- Snare drum carryin...
Cherry Red Stage Custom Yamaha Drum Set- Floor Tom- Bass with DW 5000 Pedal- Two attached Toms- Snare drum- High Hat extra high hat stand included PDP- ZBT Cymbals 20 Ride, 18 Crash, 16 Crash, 14 HIHat- Cymbal Stands, Snare Stand- Cymbal Carrying caseLoved Drum Set- Great set for learning, rocking out in your garage band, just a ton of fun
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